5 Essential Tips From A Celebrity Fitness Trainer To Be Fit And Healthy Long Term

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, thus it's important that the sports and nutritional goals are sustainable in the long run. The “desired” centimetres or kilograms won't bring you joy if the body doesn't feel well. Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are the foundation of the body's well-being and health. Want to know what activities to focus on and what to implement in your daily routine? In this article Health and Fitness Specialist, celebrity trainer and MyFitness Private Trainer of the Year 2018 Laila Vesate shares her 5 essential tips to stay fit and healthy in the long run.

Health trainer Laila is confident that a healthy lifestyle can replace almost any medicine, but no drugs in the world can replace sports and a healthy lifestyle. We couldn't agree more. So let's head to the tips!

1. Workouts For All Muscle Groups At Least 2 Times A Week

Strength workouts for all muscle groups at least 2 times a week improves posture, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, helps to gain and maintain your desired body shape, and speeds up your metabolism. It is important that strength exercises are properly selected (according to posture, physical state, health and purpose) and performed technically correctly!

You can do these workouts together with your trainer or find some quality videos on Youtube

2. Moderate-Intensity Aerobic Exercise At Least 150 Minutes A Week

Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes a week will train your heart, reduce cholesterol, improve digestive function and promote fat burning. It's important that the workout pace is moderate. There shouldn't be difficulty in breathing and talking during the training.

If it is not possible to work on a cardio machine, walking in the fresh air in a quick step is a good alternative!

3. Good Sleep And Minimal Stress

Reduce your stress levels and establish your sleeping routine - 8 hours every night. Why is it so important? Prolonged stress and inadequate sleep (also high-intensity workouts) increase levels of stress hormones, which contribute to excess weight and fat accumulation (especially in the abdomen).

Not allowing the body to recover during sleep will lead to increased fatigue and a desire to compensate for the lack of energy with sugar, as well as inadequate recovery after exercise. 

4. Check The Iron And Other Micronutrients Level In The Blood

Regularly check the level of ferritin in the blood. Often, iron deficiency is the cause of increased fatigue (which increases the craving for sweets), poor performance in workouts (because iron regulates the transport of oxygen in the body and the oxygen required to break down fat).

Women, vegetarians and vegans are at especially high risk, but everyone should make their blood tests 1-2 times a year before taking iron or any other dietary supplement. In addition to iron reserves, other micronutrients like vitamin D, lipid profile, insulin and glucose, HOMA index, whole blood count, liver count, etc., also should be tested.


5. Indulge In The Right Snacks!

Firstly, if you feel the need to snack frequently, include more products with low-to-moderate GI (glycemic index) in your diet, which will give you a longer feeling of satiety and steady energy levels.

Sweets can be replaced by fruits and berries. But if crave cookies, cakes or candies, sought them at The Beginnings, where you'll always find fresh, delicious cookies, bars and chips based made from nuts and dried fruits, without palm oil or additives. You can also learn how to cook healthy desserts, snacks and pre/post-workout snacks yourself by seeking inspiration in The Beginnings blog posts.


To sum up, long-term results are what matter. Include strength workouts and moderate exercises in your daily routine to feel and look good for the long term, but be sure to do it prudently by finding the most appropriate workouts and exercises.

Good sleep and low-stress levels are very important for your fitness, wellness and other goals. It is also important to check reserves of all the required micronutrients. When you want to treat yourself, remember that snacks need to be delicious but healthy!

Many thanks to the personal fitness trainer Laila for sharing her tips and inspiration. We hope that you'll reach all your goals!

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