Our Tribe

Are you more of an outdoor person who loves to hike through the forest and mountains, have wild travels across the world or cold swim in the ocean? Or maybe you're keen on good, old books or having a ramen cook-off with your friends?

Whatever is the experience, we crave more of it.

And to experience more, you need to live more. To live more, you need to eat super healthy & nutritious food. That's what The Beginnings is offering –  snacks from only natural ingredients from all around the world. We're on a healthy food mission that give a change to live more and experience more. For anyone, anytime. 

But we cannot do this alone.

That's why we have our Tribe – healthy lifestyle enthusiasts from many fields that dream big, do the unbelievable and has a strong voice that inspires people to live a healthier life. Indeed, they're all BIG life experiencers. 

Shall we meet them?

Baiba Klints

Baiba is a world-renowned dancer and a choreographer. You can rarely meet her in a calm state and without a smile on her face. Baiba's days are filled with energy, dace and travel.

She's sharing her talent around the world by hosting dace workshops and events. Baiba loves to inspire, motivate and show people that anything is possible (if you truly believe it!).

To keep her body healthy and always ready for new adventures, she follows a healthy lifestyle path. As Baiba is often on the go and traveling, The Beginnings protein bars keep her energised!  

Follow Baiba's everyday adventures on her Instagram and watch her dance videos on Youtube.

Madars Apse

Madars is a professional skateboarder and has won many national and international competitions. He's also a world-traveler who captures his skateboarding stunts in the biggest cities of the world and works with brands like Element, DC Shoes, GoPro, Red Bull and more.

Sport and travel were the ones that inspired Madars to live a healthier lifestyle. When he's not skating, Madars also loves walking in the forest, mediating, taking a good, cold shower, playing his guitar and spending time with his friends. 

Follow Madars adventures on his Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

Amalija Andersone

Amalija is a talented food photographer and stylist from Latvia. Her everyday life consists of showing food in the most beautiful and delicious way. Amalija has worked with cookbook authors, many magazines and big food chains all across the world. 

However, food is not only a part of her job but also a way of life. Amalija is sure that healthy food is the base of a wonderful and energy-filled life (and we agree with her 100%!). 

She finds inspiration in beautiful things, far and wild places and courageous people. Follow the beautiful Amalija's food and travel journey on her Instagram and check out her website with all her professional work at

Edgars Bertuks

Edgars is a pro athlete from Latvia. He's a world champion in orienteering from 2012 and is a two times bronze medalist. 

Edgars is following a healthy vegan lifestyle and has inspired his whole family – wife Kristine and his two sons - to live a healthier life. 

He feels the best when he's in the motion – traveling, running through the forest or playing with his kids. 

Follow Edgars journey on his Instagram and Facebook.  

Margarita Cerepenenkova

Margarita is a fitness trainer, nutrition specialist and the founder of Fitness Intensive project that creates a 2 month training program for a complete body transformation.

She's also a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and loves to travel all around the world. Follow Margarita's journey on her Instagram


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