Beetroot Chips Slow-Dried (box of 5 / 10 x 50g)

Beetroot Chips Slow-Dried (box of 5 / 10 x 50g)

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These low salt, high-fiber Beetroot Chips have been prepared at a low temperature which allows them to retain all their natural nutrition.

The sweet beetroot taste has been enhanced with a savory sauce and mustard seeds. A colorful, nutritious and healthy alternative to oily and high sodium potato chips for young and old.

These beetroot chips are:

  • Made from vegetables and nuts
  • 100% natural and RAW, no added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
  • Gluten, lactose and low in salt, no added sugar
  • No trans fats, palm oil or hydrogenated oil, non-GMO
  • High in fiber and vegan friendly


Red beetroot 80%, olive oil, raisins, apple cider vinegar, cashews, mustard seeds, sea salt.

Nutritional value (100g)

Energy value 1800 kJ / 432 kcal
Total Fat 22 g
   - Including saturated fatty acids 3,4 g
Carbohydrates 41,8 g
   - Including sugar 41 g
Protein 7,2 g
Fiber 18,7 g
Salt 1,1 g